Originally designed by Phillipe Starck as a reinvention of the classic Louis XV armchair made entirely out of clear polycarbonate, the ghost chair is now widely imitated and wildly popular in both interior and event design. Available in a few different designs, it makes a versatile, elegant and contemporary seating choice for any wedding.



Due to the transparent nature of the ghost chair, it works fabulously for outdoor ceremonies, as it allows the natural beauty of the venue to, quite literally, shine through.

And due to its classic yet modern aesthetic, it also works equally well in both traditional and contemporary indoor venues.



When having a seated dinner reception, chairs can quickly take up a lot of space and make a room look cluttered and overly busy. While ghost chairs don’t take up an less physical space, they give the illusion that they do, allowing the reception space to feel more open, less cluttered and, overall, more visually appealing.



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